Vad är snetrippar, hur undviker man dom?

Snetrippar s.k "bad trips" innehåller en eller flera symtomer av följande:
  • Paranoia (exempelvis förföljelsemani, att alla vet att man rökt eller att man tror sig vara avlyssnad).
  • Illamående (som i vissa fall leder till kräkningar).
  • Huvudvärk
  • Hög puls.
  • Svettningar
  • Kraftig känsla av att falla när man stänger ögonen. Det snurrar!
  • Panik (ofta tankar om psykoser, att man aldrig ska bli normal, att man kommer att dö osv.)

Inte alls kul
Anledningarna till snetrippar är främst (1) överdoseringar och (2) bristande kunskap om ruset. Som nybörjare kan det vara svårt att dosera, och de flesta kommer någon gång att uppleva en snetripp på grund av att de röker för mycket. Erfarna rökare vet var "gränserna" går och när de är höga nog. Då vill de inte röka mera. Ofta sköter det sig automatiskt eftersom den höga personen glömmer bort att han har en meckad pipa i handen. :)

Viktigt att veta om snetripperna:

  • Du kommer inte att dö!
  • Det är ingen psykos!
  • Det går över. Om en timma är det lugnt igen.
  • Kämpa inte emot känslan. Slappna av och "följ med" i ruset. Att kämpa emot gör allt sämre.

Det går över!

När man märker att det slår för hårt så finns det saker som jag tycker hjälper:

  • Öppna ögonen om dom är stängda.
  • Stäng av musiken.
  • Drick någonting.
  • Ät någonting sött.
  • Undvik personer som stör dig.
  • Frisk luft.
  • Tänk på någonting som är bra och fokusera tankarna på det.

Ät något sött

Using Cannabis Safely

If smoking for the first time make sure your surroundings are familiar and comfortable. Ideally take cannabis in the company of good friends and preferably when there's an experienced smoker nearby. Don't put more than a pinch of cannabis into any one joint.

Eating cannabis is great but it's harder to know how much is too much. Start with a small piece and wait a couple of hours before being sure it hasn't worked. Eating cannabis produces a stronger effect than smoking. It is much, much, easier to overdo it. Be smart.

If you're not enjoying the experience the secret is to relax and let it pass. If you've smoked cannabis the effects will start to wear off after about 20 minutes. Eating cannabis takes longer, often two hours or more, (after you've first noticed the effects) and is dependent on how much you've consumed. Just remember, the effects will subside and you will feel better again. Find a friend you feel comfortable with and let your mind and body relax as much as possible.

If you, or someone you know, 'has a whitey' (are close to passing out) the problem will normally be due to an imbalance in the blood sugar level. This is easily fixed by having something sweet to eat or drink (or something containing Vitamin C). A glass of warm water with two spoonfuls of sugar is enough.

Some cannabis is stronger than others. If you are not an experienced smoker don't buy the strongest product and do seek out advice. There's nothing hard about flaking out in the corner because you've had too much skunk.

You don't have to take every joint that's offered you.

Learn your level, experienced smokers know when they've had enough.

Alcohol and cannabis don't mix and experienced smokers are careful about combining the two. They know that lying flat on the floor while the room revolves nauseatingly around you is not something you want to repeat.

Your mum was right, empty stomachs make light heads. Try and eat some food first.

If you're a regular smoker take some time off occasionally. You'll give your body much needed rest, you'll reduce your psychological dependence, you might start dreaming again and you'll certainly save some money. Plus, the high is so much better after a break.

Cannabis will not fix your life for you. Smoke it to have a good time, not to blot out problems or avoid issues. You can become dependent upon cannabis if you can't make your life work without it.

Smoking cannabis affects your focus and concentration. It is not a good idea to smoke at school or at work. Driving while under the influence of cannabis can be very dangerous to yourselves, your passengers and everyone else you come into contact with.

If you're using medicines contact your doctor before using cannabis. Alternatively contact NHS Direct on 0845 4647 (8 digits only), or All calls are confidential and the advice is free and non-judgemental.

Never smoke when you are pregnant. Be careful not to let your smoke reach pregnant mothers or children

Smoking cannabis releases substances like tar and carbon monoxide which are harmful to your health.

Whenever you can smoke pure cannabis. Tobacco contains nicotine and many other highly addictive and poisonous substances. Moreover, tobacco makes the effect heavier. If you want to get high go pure.

Never buy cannabis from the street. Try to find someone you trust, if you can't trust them don't buy it. Chances are you'll be ripped off anyway.

These tips started life on a 'safe using' leaflet provided by the Dampkring coffeeshop in Amsterdam.

Text från Using Cannabis Safely


Losing control, keeping it together, hallucinations, good trips, bad trips, getting high, addiction, spiritual enlightenment or Dante's Inferno. These are some of the issues that users of marijuana and other psychedelics are confronted with.

Aside from the medical benefits of marijuana, smoking it has certain predictable effects on people as well as the unpredictable. It is the predictable that gives it what I call the framework in which all the unpredictable happens.

For the first time user, this unknown and unpredictable part can be not only a deterrent, but can amplify the negative effects. How does one maintain a level of control? What is the formula that will minimize the possibility of a "Bad Trip"?

Back in the late 60's a Harvard professor, Timothy Leary, who was doing research on the effects of psychedelic mushrooms for treating psychological disorders, was given LSD by another scientist to try and later through his research came up with the control formula of "Set - Setting - Dosage".

Three simple checks to follow that stabilize not only a marijuana experience, but which I found can be applied in general to life experience as well.

"SET" The mind set. It involves the kind of expectations you have. Are you looking for pain control, to relax, relief from depression so you can start the day, or something to put you to sleep at night?

Marijuana seems to amplify the ability for your mind to, on the good side, focus and, on the bad side, obsess. If you approach your expected experience with a strong mind set, or a clear reason for doing it, then you acquire the first block in the foundation to a positive and focused experience. The chances of a bad experience in which you become obsessed with fear, or even the lack of fear, for example, are then greatly reduced.

"SETTING" The second block of your foundation to a positive experience is the setting. If relaxation is your "mind set", then a setting that includes things that help in the relaxation process naturally should follow. The choice of the drug you are using is part of the setting. If it is your first time, then having someone with you who has smoked before will also be part of the setting. This person may be able to help you create a positive mind set as well.

"DOSAGE" How much of the drug you have chosen to use is the third and final foundation block to a positive, focused experience. If it is your first time, it is advisable to smoke or eat a small amount and wait approx. 15 minutes if you smoke and about 1 hour if you eat before smoking or eating any more. By following that guideline you will safely and easily come to find the dosage that personally suits you."

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