Hur bedömmer man cannabisens kvalitet?

Hur man bedömmer hasch.

Bedömning av Marijuana (Judging Cannabis...)

The first thing you have to consider is which kind of weed you want to judge, which will be your specialty.

1. What is the consistency of the bud you are about to judge? Indica buds usually when cured properly have a rock hard consistency. It should be very sticky from the resin that is produced within the bud. Remember that Indica buds were originally bread for making hashish.

2. What is the smell like? Most of the times Indica buds will have either a fruity or hashy smell to it, depending on what breed of Indica you are dealing with. Generally breeds of Indica from regions of Afghanistan, India or the Middle East will have this smell to it.

When attempting to determine the smell of any kind of cannabis start with smelling the bud unbroken. This is to determine if this bud was cured right or if the bud has been setting around for a while. {I will get into how to tell if bud has been cured right later in this writing.} Next, break open the bud. What does the bud smell like inside? There can be a marked difference between the smell of a bud on the outside verses the inside.

Also a good practice to do when judging the quality of bud is to take a bud and squeeze it between a piece of paper and smell the paper. The reason for this is paper would be clean and would not give off other fragrances like ones hands and fingers do. If the bud smells like ass, let it be on it's own merits.

3. What is the overall appearance of the bud? When you look at the appearance of the bud. First you have to look to see if it was manicured properly. Another thing you have to look for is to see how many hairs are on the bud. Some breeds will have more hairs than others. Also look to see how much HC crystal is on the bud.

4. Now comes the fun part, checking for flavor. When checking for flavor on your bud, you can use any method you wish. If you decide to roll a joint, use hin hemp based paper. You don't want the paper to contribute any flavors to the smoke. Bong: when checking for flavor using a bong make sure that the bong is clean and the water is fresh, once again, you don't want any off flavors ending up in your smoke. Pipe: Make sure that your pipe is clean.

OK now that we have all that strait it's time to taste the flavor of the smoke. Inhale the smoke, draw it in deeply into your lungs and slowly exhale the smoke. As the smoke exits your lungs into your mouth, let it roll over your tongue. You should perceive a flavor. Some flavors may be spicy, others may be fruity. Sativas tend to have either an earthy flavor, citrus or spicy flavor to them.

5. Next to consider is the effect of the bud you are about to partake of. Indicas tend to be more of a body stone, sometimes you may have visuals. ndicas also have a very intense but short lived effect. Personally I tent to do a lot of thinking when under the influence of an Indica. Sativas tend to have more of a head high. Depending on the strain or combination of strains the buzz can be light to intense, going from general euphoria to paranoia. Certain strains such as haze strains can even be slightly psychotropic. Sativa buzzes usually last for long periods of time. I would venture to say that the effect is more subjective, it depends on what your tolerance level is and how much of other strains you have partaken of in the course of judging.

6. Curing: To judge if the bud has been cured right, one must look at the overall appearance of the bud. Is it too dry? Too wet? Next smell it really good, does it smell grassy like lawn clippings? If so it hasn't cured long enough. On breaking apart if it breaks apart with just the slightest resistance then it is cured just long enough, if it crumbles with the slightest touch then it has been setting too long. One must look for mold, which would indicate that it wasn't dried long enough before it was placed it in the jar for curing.

More to come. Peace, Dankdude

Kommentarer Från Anonym

Det är svårt att ge tips om hur man bedömer kvalitet. Förmågan att skilja bra cannabis (vare sig det gäller gräs eller hash) kommer främst med erfarenhet. Det kan låta trist för nybörjaren som vill veta vad som är bra och vad som är dåligt men det finns inte några bra genvägar. Erfarenhet är nyckelordet.

Hårt hash som inte smälter när man eldar på det kan vara en indikator på att hashet är dåligt men behöver inte vara det. Jag har rökt en del Marockanskt hash som var hårt som sandsten men som ändock var ganska Ok. Likaså har jag rökt mjuka och mörka sorter som inte alls varit bra.

Köper man gräs så är tipset till en nybörjare att fråga efter hela "buds" så att man inte köper nåt malet oreganoliknande i en påse. Kvalitetsmedvetna langare brukar sälja hela buds i större utsträckning än de som säljer skräp.

Om jag ändå skall formulera ett kvalitetskriterium: Lukten är ofta ett gott mått på kvaliteten; det ska lukta starkt och friskt när man öppnar påsen/burken. Man ska inte behöva gnugga gräset mellan fingrarna för att känna doften. Bra gräs luktar ändå om man förvarar det bra. Gnuggar man gräset mellan fingrarna skall man bli kladdig, ungefär som om man fått lite lite grankåda på fingrarna och då skall det lukta rejält.